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Corporate Services

Authorities in Corporate Security


Security is more than protection once a threat or situation has been identified. Security is about creating a strategy that prevents an undesirable situation from developing in the first place—a strategy that promotes safety and security for everyone. SAPM offers these strategies backed by the professionals, tactics, techniques and technologies that put real, live security into everyday practice.  We understand concerns regarding limited budgets offset by the need to adequately address corporate protection, but security—and SAPM security in particular—must be viewed as a critical element of smart business that is truthfully an investment in a future that can’t and won’t be compromised.


Consider SAPM for the following corporate services:

  • Loss Prevention 

    Loss of goods and services that occur through shoplifting or theft—by customers, employees or criminal professionals—should not be dismissed as a necessary cost of business. With our trained SAPM personnel, these illegal acts can be stopped or significantly reduced, which can mean significant savings and added profitability for your firm.

    We are mindful of the legal issues involved in wrongfully accusing anyone of theft and have developed procedures to minimize the risk of false accusation, while maximizing the protection of your premises, people and assets.

    We can train your own security department and/or your general personnel or you can choose to let SAPM serve as your loss prevention detail. We can tailor a loss prevention plan to be subtle or aggressive and fit your corporate culture perfectly. In any case, we advise at least a minimal level of training/communication with your employees to create an atmosphere that is beneficial to your loss prevention goals.

    The beauty of loss prevention security is that once it is clear an environment is no longer theft-friendly, the word rapidly spreads and incidents dramatically decline.
  • Security Assessments of your business, apartment complexes and homes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Employee Termination Assistance
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Review and implementation of Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Executive Protection
  • Assets Control
  • Risk Management – Review current security or risk management policies
  • GPS Fleet Tracking