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Armed / Unarmed Services


The conflict resolution training of a SAPM officer allows them to effectively resolve most issues arising onsite without any physical confrontation. This can be an invaluable advantage. In addition to conflict resolution training, all SAPM officers are required to have a mandatory weapons certification. We do not take the issue of firearms lightly. Our highly-trained security officers understand the nature of a security situation that requires them to carry a sidearm. In general, an armed officer is an effective deterrent and his or her presence alone can reduce possible escalation of the situation. Ultimately, however, our goal is your protection and we go the distance required to ensure that.



SAPM’s security officers can effectively secure environments that exclude the presence of an armed security officer. Our officer conflict resolution training allows them to resolve almost any situation without an escalation of the event. If the situation becomes elevated, SAPM security officers have a number of non-lethal options available to quickly bring these circumstances under control without jeopardizing facilities or any individual.