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Uniform / Covert Services



A uniformed SAPM security officer commands respect and creates a strong presence. In conflict- rich environments, a uniformed officer on the scene can reduce incidents that threaten your security. The presence of these officers can force potentially dangerous individuals to rethink actions and behavior.  An SAPM uniformed officer that you place on the job can also create an atmosphere of safety for those who previously felt threatened and can now confidently go about their day-to-day activities. Protection like this improves productivity and comfort in any environment.



In environments where the presence of a uniformed officer would serve as a distraction, SAPM can provide a low profile, covert security strategy. Our covert officers are the same highly-trained and professional individuals that proudly wear the SAPM uniform. They understand the different demands of a covert assignment and will blend into their environment, engaging individuals only when safety or security is in question. Our covert officers provide security and peace of mind that is felt but not seen.