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Surveillance Systems

Sophisticated (and Welcome) Security Systems

Recognizing how technology has evolved in recent years and its value today in helping to prevent crime and ensure security, SAPM has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology that provides high-quality photographic and video documentation as part of a security strategy to meet and even exceed your needs.

Our advanced surveillance systems provide you with security of knowing that your family or resources are under a constant, ever-vigilant eye every minute and hour of the day. Via technology, you can even access your security system or systems anytime, from any location, through the Internet.

Here’s a little known fact that may prove valuable and useful to you: it is legal in the US and most other countries to videotape in areas of your own home and work place without employee consent. The only exception includes areas where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as washrooms, bathing or changing areas and locker rooms.

If advanced surveillance of this nature would increase your confidence and security, please contact us.

SAPM offers these types of advanced cameras

  • Covert Cameras – These are concealed surveillance cameras, highly valuable for covert intelligence gathering. These high-tech cameras are designed to be hidden or built into everyday items to blend into the environment.
  • Dome Cameras – These cameras have domed covers and may have fixed or vari-focal lenses. Some come with infrared lighting and some are designed to be tamper-proof (also referred to as vandal-resistant.) Armor dome cameras are designed to resist vandalism by using a hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate dome casing.
  • Box Cameras – A very simple type of surveillance camera with a box shape and a simple, easy-to-operate and reliable lens.
  • Digital Video Recorders System – This system provides recorded and accessible indisputable digital evidence and reduces your legal exposure. Remote monitoring and advanced motion detection available.


Download a PDF of the surveillance system brochure here.